Friday, December 10, 2010

Foto Cewek Model Sexy and Hot

A model is someone who is subject to create pictures acts.
By modeling the following types of fashion models are distinguished:
Special: Photo model that does not meet all requirements but maybe something special or just something very suitable.
Model that has something specific that much money can be earned, you can think of for example: a model that has a beautiful skin and a face that is very symmetrical.
Hand Model: There are also models that model for a portion of itself such as hands, feet, legs.
Body double: a model that is used as a stand-in for example a movie.
Look-alike: Model / actress as two peas in a celebrity appears.
Fashion Model: Photo model that a specific length and special requirements, very common is size 36 and a length of 1.72, which differs slightly from modeling.
Model: Model that is very thin and has a good length. If model (aka Runwaymodel) is expected to make the right length and has the right sizes, in general, people prefer a longer model, 1.74 is pretty much the minimum, slightly longer desirable . 180 cm is often seen as the ideal length.
Much longer than that, the model should also not be associated with length differences between the models and clothes that are too short then. The mannequins are often slightly thinner than the fashion models, but there are also plenty of fashion models, fashion model or vice versa.
Nude Models
Glamour Model: Is glamor said then usually about photography in the direction of Playboy or Penthouse. There is confusion about this word because it is used to denote glamorous photos. Not all glamorous style photos have nude photographs to be, it can for example very stylish images in a string and to the confusion complete: in some cases the normal-dressed photos in a glamorous dress (think more of photos of Marilyn Monroe) .

Within this category there is something else which is actually a step further, called: Pink Spreaded or photography, this is the model expected to pose naked and straddled. The latter will never be asked by a good modeling agency.

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